« I like the rule which corrects the emotion » Georges Braque


François Guy was born in Marseille, south of France, and studied at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, the distinguished national School of Fine Arts in Paris.

Architect partner in the famous firm Atelier 9, founding member of Marseille Architecture Partners (MAP), François Guy began to paint early, receiving immediate support from renowned masters such as Mandin, Ambrogiani and Ferrari.

Noticed at the age of 16 years old by art critic Camille Rouvier during the painting prize of Marseille, he quickly exhibits in Aix-en-Provence, Cannes and at Margot Lesnick Gallery in New York.

Throughout his career as an architect, François Guy has continued his painting and exhibited until the end. His family takes care of his legacy.


“A so real illusion” Champfleury

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“One the most attractive and stronger painting” Léon-Gabriel Gros

Axel Toursky

« An artist with a strong and moderate talent, a sturdy manager of shapes who often discovers a nice sensibility. »

Patrick Merle

« behind the roughness, there is the suppleness of a movement, a look with a cutting out like a photography. »

André Alauzen Di Genova

« He is an artist who vibrates in front of the nature in an instant and he will settle as he wants the elements. »

Edmée Santy

« He knows how to restitute memories, catch up the time without stopping it. “Apprenti sorcier”of his own dream, he invites us to push the walls for discovering everywhere. »


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